Japanese Teriyaki Sandwich Recipe


Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

Embrace the irresistible Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich to indulge in the seductive blend of Western and Japanese flavours. Think of biting into the juicy, tender chicken that has been marinated in a delicious teriyaki sauce and is sandwiched between warm, toasted buns. This delectable invention takes the cherished idea of a traditional chicken sandwich and combines it with the sweet and savoury aroma of real Japanese teriyaki sauce. The star of this culinary delight is the succulent chicken, which is carefully marinated to infuse every morsel with the rich, umami flavours of soy, ginger, and garlic. As it sizzles on the grill or stovetop, the teriyaki glaze caramelizes, creating a sticky, sweet coating that adds a delightful depth of flavour to the chicken.

In order to take the sandwich to new levels of taste, the bun selection is essential. Choose soft, lightly toasted buns to give the chicken the proper texture balance and space to shine. Crisp lettuce, fresh tomato slices, and tart pickles offer a crisp crunch and a rush of complimentary flavours, while a dash of mayonnaise or Japanese Kewpie mayo adds a creamy element. Whether you’re on the hunt for a filling lunch choice, a crowd-pleasing supper option, or simply craving a taste of Japan with a Western twist, the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich offers a harmonious fusion of cultures in every mouthful. Prepare to enjoy a flavorful journey that will leave you hankering for more as you experience the harmonic blending of flavours.

Things to take into account prior to making the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich:

Toast the buns: Lightly toast the buns before assembling the sandwich. The technique prevents the bread from getting mushy and adds a delicious definition to it.

Use quality ingredients:  Choose fresh, high-quality ingredients for the sandwich’s flavour and texture, like ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and your favourite pickles.

Spice up by marinating: Let the chicken sit in the teriyaki sauce for at least 30 minutes Before cooking. This process infuses the meat with a delightful fusion of sweet and savoury flavours.

Grill or pan-fry the chicken:  Grill the chicken over medium-high heat or pan-fry it in a hot pan with a little oil until it’s cooked through and carefully browned for a smokey grill and richer flavour.

Roast with Japanese teriyaki sauce:  Brush more teriyaki sauce on the chicken while grilling or pan-frying to thicken the glaze and spice up the flavour.

Layer carefully: Have close attention to layering as you put the sandwich together. Start with a layer of mayonnaise or Kewpie mayo, then add lettuce, tomato slices, Japanese teriyaki chicken, and pickles. 

Carve precisely: Slice the sandwich in half to expose the tasty layers within using a sharp knife. Clean, precise slices make it easy to handle and consume while improving its aesthetic appeal.


Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Total Time 25 mins

Serves 2 – 3

Step 1

Heat a skillet or grill to medium-high temperature.

Step 2

Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper before grilling or frying them in a skillet for 6 to 8 minutes per side, or until done and the juices run clear. Take them out of the heat and give them some time to cool.

Step 3

Toast the hamburger buns or sandwich rolls just a little bit while the chicken is resting.

Step 4

Cooked chicken breasts should be sliced into thin strips.

Step 5

Spread Japanese mayonnaise on the bottom half of each bun or roll, and give the mayo a thick layer of cucumber slices.

Step 6

Scatter the lettuce over the top of the cucumber

Step 7

Lay the sliced Teriyaki chicken on top of the lettuce and drizzle the required amount of Japanese Teriyaki Sauce over the sliced chicken.

Step 8

Complete by adding a slice of cheese and topping with the remaining bun half.

Step 9

Your teriyaki chicken sandwich from Japan is prepared to be served!

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 burger buns or sandwich rolls
  • 1/2 cup sliced cucumber
  • 1/2 cup shredded lettuce
  • 2-3 tbsp of Japanese Teriyaki Sauce
  • 4 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise
  • Sesame seeds, for garnish (optional)


Could I substitute a vegetarian or vegan option for the chicken in the Japanese Teriyaki Sandwich?

Yes, you can use tofu or tempeh that has been marinated in teriyaki sauce in place of the chicken. Make sure the buns are free of animal products, and select a mayonnaise that is suitable for vegans.

Can I add cheese to the chicken sandwich with Japanese teriyaki sauce?

Although it’s unconventional, you might try blending the flavours with a slice of mild cheese, like provolone or Swiss. Before putting the sandwich together, melt it over the chicken.

Can I add a fried egg to the chicken sandwich with Japanese teriyaki sauce?

Certainly! A perfectly done sunny-side-up or over-easy egg can give the sandwich a creamy and rich component. Add it as an additional layer or place it on top of the chicken.

Can I use a different kind of bread while making the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich?

Although standard buns are good, you may also try ciabatta, brioche, or even a soft baguette to give the sandwich a special touch.Is it possible to make a teriyaki chicken wrap rather than a sandwich?

Certainly! Place all the ingredients inside a tortilla or wrap in place of the buns. With this variant, you can take the flavours of teriyaki chicken with you wherever you go.

How can I add spice to the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich without making the other flavours overpowering?

For a mild touch of heat that improves the flavour without overpowering the dish, try adding sliced Fresno peppers or a sprinkle of togarashi sauce.

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